Science Festival Focuses on TCM

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  Development of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) has become a focus among students from the APEC members during their on-going Youth Science Festival which ends in Beijing next Monday.

  Twenty-five students from different APEC member states presented science papers on traditional medicine and introduced the application and development of traditional medicines in their respective countries and regions at a meeting on Wednesday.

  The topic of traditional Chinese medicines attracted the attention of many participants.

  When Chinese students spoke about the long history and efficacy of traditional Chinese Medicine, students from the other member states of APEC listened very carefully and took notes from time to time.

  "TCM has a history of more than 23 centuries, and during the long period of time, it has saved many people's lives, including many foreigners," said Li Xiaoyang, a student from Chinese mainland.

  Chinese medicine is a complete medical system for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness, Li said.

  Apart from being able to cure many ailments, Chinese medicine can also help enhance recuperative power, improve immunity, and the capacity for pleasure, work, and creativity, Li said.

  His introduction greatly inspired the students.

  "I am really very interested in TCM, it is very interesting," said a male student from Bangkok in Thailand whose English name is Gift.

  "I have heard of TCM before in our pharmaceutical lessons. We often learn some new knowledge of Chinese medicines," said Kelsay Phelps, a student from the United States.

  But Phelps said his knowledge of TCM was still very limited.

  "I should learn more of it, and this forum is a very good place to learn more about it," said Phelps.

  Some students did not know about TCM before, and gradually developed interest in it during the forum.


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