S.I.-6 Support the Aged YANGLAO - Acupuncture Points

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S.I.-6 Support the Aged YANGLAO - Acupuncture Points ) In the depression radial and proximal to the styloid process of the ulna, which forms when the hand is turned from a pronated to a supinated position.
How to find
This point is best located with the elbow slightly flexed. Place the palpating finger on the distal portion of the styloid process of the ulna (➞ 3.3.3). When turning the hand from a pronated to a supinated position (mnemonic: cut bread and eat soup), the palpating finger will glide into a bony cleft at the proximal aspect of the styloid process (the tendon of the extensor carpi ulnari muscle runs along this groove). This cleft also becomes palpable when the patient rests the hand on the chest (half-supinated position).
Locate S.I.-6 in this bony groove.
0.3–0.8 cun vertically or slightly obliquely in a proximal direction towards ➞ P-6 or along the tendon towards the elbow joint.
● Opens the channel, alleviates pain, benefits the shoulder and arm, alleviates acute conditions
● Benefits the eyes
Special features
Xi-cleft point. Important distal point for pain and limited range of motion of the occiput and shoulder (for example, acute torticollis) and the lumbar region (for example, acute sciatica). For acute and painful impairment of motion, use strong reducing needling technique while the patient gently moves the affected region.

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