S.I.-19 Palace of Hearing TINGGONG - Acupuncture Points

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S.I.-19 Palace of Hearing TINGGONG - Acupuncture Points ) Anterior to the ear, with the mouth open at the level of the middle of the tragus, in a depression between the tragus and condyloid process of the mandible.
How to find
Locate and needle this point with the mouth open. This allows the condyloid process of the mandible to slide anteriorly and reveals the depression. Locate the vertical sulcus at the junction between the ear and the cheek (this is not always very pronounced).
Then locate S.I.-19 on the level of the tragus on the sulcus. If you cannot clearly define the sulcus (it becomes more pronounced with increasing age), an (ear) point locator can be used to locate the point (the patient should have their mouth open in order to reveal the depression).
S.I.-19 is the centre point of three points located anteriorly to the ear (➞ T.B.-21 is located proximal and ➞ G.B.-2 is located distal to S.I.-19).
0.5–1 cun vertically or slightly obliquely in an inferior direction. Needle with the mouth open (to avoid intra-articular needling).
Caution: This point is located close to the superficial temporal artery and the auriculotemporal nerve (as are ➞T.B.-21 and ➞G.B.-2).
● Benefits the ears
● Calms the shen
Special features
Meeting point with the Gall Bladder and Triple Burner channels, exit point. Important local point for disorders of the ears. For temporomandibular joint dysfunction and pain, rather use ➞ G.B.-2 as a local point.

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