S.I.-10 Upper Arm Shu NAOSHU - Acupuncture Points

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S.I.-10 Upper Arm Shu NAOSHU - Acupuncture Points ) With the arm adducted, on an imaginary line extending in a superior direction from the posterior axillary fold, on the lower border of the scapular spine.
How to find
With the patient sitting upright, palpate from the posterior axillary fold upward, past the lower border of the deltoid muscle (➞ S.I.-9) to the bony resistance of the scapular spine and acromion, which here form a curve that opens towards the inferior. S.I.-10 is located below its bony border.
Vertically 0.5–1.5 cun
● Opens the channel and relaxes the sinews
Special features
Meeting point of the yang wei mai and the yang qiao mai. S.I.10 corresponds to a trigger point that is often sensitive to pressure. It also corresponds to the posterior access for puncturing the shoulder joint.

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