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Acupuncture is an ancient concept which originated from The far east. Studies have proven that acupuncture releases hormones such as endorphins, that generates feelings of healthy health and happiness. This hormone is an enabler of anti-oxidants and helps attack germs and infection.

For hundreds of years, acupuncture is the only infertility option in The far east and they had practised it with great success. Often, infertility solutions will include acupuncture for fertility to be used in conjunction with plant based treatment plan.

There are several infertility solutions around, however increasingly, there are more definitive research within Western medicine on the effectivness of acupuncture for fertility. In 2004, a study carried out by the Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Centre in Colorado observed that 51% of women who have both acupuncture for fertility and IVF successfully became expectant, while just 36% of those who have only IVF became pregnant. The latter group also had a higher rate of miscarriage and still birth (20%) in comparison to those ladies who obtained acupuncture for fertility (8%).

In comparison with some other alternative infertility solutions, acupuncture for fertility is not merely an infertility option. Of all natural infertility solutions, acupuncture for fertility is the most successful technique. Acupuncture as an infertility option is most effective when the reason behind inability to conceive is a functional one such as endometriosis infertility, fsh infertility or hormonal infertility.

The principles of acupuncture for fertility revolves around perception that infertility is actually the effect of stagnation or perhaps insufficiency in blood and energy circulation and also a imbalance in cold and heat state of health within our body. For that reason, in acupuncture for fertility, the acupuncturist will attempt to construct comprehensive history of the patient. Together with the queries that a western medical professional will ask, the acupuncturist will probe more deeply about monthly cycle, the patient's diet, pulse, colour of tongue, nails. This enables the acupuncturist to determine the imbalance in the body and decide a treatment plan to care for the individual as opposed to the sickness. This is because unlike western medicine which treats a human system as individual components of a device; acupuncture therapy views the human body as one integrated structure and for that reason strengthening the general health of the individual will at the same time eliminate any inability to conceive problems.

Though acupuncture for fertility will not cure structural infertility difficulties for example blocked fallopian tubes, acupuncture is usually applied along with assisted reproductive technology as part of the infertility solutions and infertility option. This is because acupuncture enhances fertility by increasing blood circulation to the reproductive organs, regulating menstrual cycle, enhancing lining to the uterus, strengthening the quality of the ovum produced and also stabilizing hormone levels. In men, acupuncture is an infertility option with tested success for treating erection dysfunction, inferior sperm quality and decreased sperm count.

While Chinese medicine and Traditional western treatments focus on different concepts, the 2 disciplines integrate well. The all natural method in Traditional chinese medicine along with the technologies in Western medicine have formulated far better infertility option and certainly more remarkable infertility solutions.

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