Ren-22 Heavenly Prominence TIANTU - Acupuncture Points

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Ren-22 Heavenly Prominence TIANTU - Acupuncture Points ) 0.5 cun superior to the sternum, in the centre of the suprasternal fossa.
How to find
This point is best located with the patient in a supine position and a pillow under the shoulders or seated with a comfortable and safe head support. Locate the centre of the suprasternal fossa, approximately 0.5 cun superior to the sternum and there
locate Ren-22.
Initial vertical insertion 0.2 cun (in order to penetrate the skin), then direct the tip of the needle inferiorly and continue to insert the needle parallel to the posterior aspect of the sternum up to 0.5–1 cun. Caution: Dangerous point. Wrong insertion technique (for example, vertical or oblique retrosternal needling) may lead to injury of the big vessels and organs inside the mediastinum.
This point should only be needled by experienced practitioners.
● Descends counterflow Lung Qi, alleviates coughing and dyspnoea, benefits the throat
Special features
Meeting point with the yin wei mai, Window of Heaven point. Important emergency point for acute asthma attacks.

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