Ren-21 Jade Pivot XUANJI - Acupuncture Points

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Ren-21 Jade Pivot XUANJI - Acupuncture Points ) On the anterior midline, below the upper border of the manubrium sterni.
How to find
The upper border of the manubrium sterni forms the lower border of the suprasternal fossa. Locate Ren-21 on the midline, inferior to the bony margin of the sternum.
Located on approximately the same level (below the clavicle) are ➞ KID-27/ST-13/LU-2 (2/4/6 cun lateral to the midline).
0.5 cun transversely in a superior or inferior direction. Caution: In patients with a sternal foramen, danger of injury to the pleura or the mediastinum, therefore only transverse needling with or against the flow of the channel.
● Unbinds the chest
● Benefits the throat
● Descends counterflow Qi

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