Ren-19 Purple Palace ZIGONG - Acupuncture Points

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Ren-19 Purple Palace ZIGONG - Acupuncture Points ) On the anterior midline, on the level of the 2nd intercostal space.
How to find
Locate the 2nd intercostal space by parasternal palpation starting at the clavicle or by palpating from the manubriosternal synchondrosis (➞ 2nd rib) (➞ 3.5).
Located at the same level (2nd intercostal space) are ➞ KID-25/ST-15/SP-20 (2/4/6 cun lateral to the midline).
0.5 cun transversely in a superior or inferior direction. Caution: In patients with a sternal foramen, danger of injury to the pleura or the mediastinum, therefore only transverse needling with or against the flow of the channel.
● Unbinds the chest
● Regulates and descends the Qi

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  1. David says:

    I have i bad pain in my second intercostal space. my skin is sensetive and i can't handle cloth wear. I don't know what would i do?
    thank you

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