Primary Understanding and Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus by TCM

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Yin-Deficiency and Dry-Heat is uncertainly the primary pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus:

In the 9l cases of diabetes mellitus observed by the authors, there were 39 cases, 42%showed the Syndrome of internal stagnation of dampness and heat with middle-Jiao disorder, the next was

Qi stagnation and blood stasis with disharmonious Liver-Stomach, it showed in 27 cases, 29.7%, followed with Spleen-Kidney deficiency and exhaustion Syndrome, showed in 9 cases, 9.9%. Number of patients really showed the Syndrome of Yin-Deficiency and Dry-Heat, including mouth dryness, much drinking, polyphagia, pathologic leanness, hidrosis, Heat in Five-center, frequent urinaton with yellow Urine, constipation, red tongue without coating or thin and dry coating, fine quick pulse, was 26 cases, below 30%.

It suggested that followed with the elevation of diet level and quickened rhythm of life, the occurrence of Dampness-Heat in Middle-Jiao and Qi stagnation with blood stasis Syndromes increases. Therefore, the handle on pathogenesis and use of treatment should be adjusted to suit the condition. Psychologic therapy and regu1ation of Qi-Blood should be paid enough attention to: In observation of 9l patients with diabetes mellitus, it was found that over 60% (59 cases) of them had change in mood, especially easy to get angry and fretful (in 23 cases), melancholic and tired (in l9 cases), others as apathetic, trusting to luck, following blindly, concealing, pessimistic and disappointing also occupied a certain ratio. It displays the TCM pathogenesis and pathology of Dampness-Heat in Middle-Jiao, Liver-Spleen disorder, Qi and Blood circulation blocked, and Yin-Yang disharmony from the other aspect.

Treatment based on Syndrome Differentiation has its significance on integral therapy and health care in diabetes mellitus patients: We use "Huaqi Jiang Tang Prescription" (a self-formulated prescription of Chinese herbal medicine (made by Liu Qixue for reducing blood sugar) as basic prescription, coordinating with "San Ren Decoction" (a traditional Chinese prescription for remove dampness) and/or "Wei Ling Decoction (Decoction for Regulating Stomach and Remove Dampness)" to clear Dampness-Heat, harmonize Middle-Jiao; coordinating with "Xiao Yao San" and/or "Shu Gan San" (both are traditional prescriptions for harmonizing Liver Qi) to regulate Liver, Spleen (Stomach), smoothen Qi circulation; coordinating With "Xue Fu Zhu Yu Decoction" (decoction for activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis) to clear out the vessels and remove blood stasis; coordinating with "Dihuang Decoction" and/or "Shen-Qi Decoction (Decoction for Nourishing Kidney-Qi)" to harmonize Yin and Yang, supplement insufficiency, and good effect has been obtained clinically.

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