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Prevention of disease: the Nanking Army ear acupuncture prescription A simple and efficacious auricular acupuncture prescription for the prevention of disease was developed in China in the 1960s. Utilized by the Nanking Army and barefoot doctors during the Cultural Revolution, this formula was designed to strengthen the army’s resistance to disease, especially pernicious pathogens, such as malaria, epidemic influenza, and mumps. The Nanking

Army protocol is now considered a “prevention of disease” treatment. In this study, the first company (who received this treatment every 10 days over a course of 12 treatments) had an annual malaria rate of 1.2% in contrast to the second company who had an annual rate as high as 8.5%. Of the group who received ear acupuncture, 80% showed an increase in appetite, improvement in sleep, and strengthened resistance. Those who were treated rarely caught a cold or suffered influenza.6

 Points  Functions
Suprarenal (also known as Adrenal)  Regulates the hormones of the suprarenal gland, thereby
treating infection, inflammation, and shock
Regulates blood pressure
Reduces fever and heat
 Internal Secretion
(also known as Triple Warmer)
 Regulates internal secretions. Stimulates body fluids
(Jinye) that contain humoral messages that are part of
the immune response
Harmonizes the three Jiaos
Promotes digestion and absorption
 Dermis (also known
as Lung)
 Oxygenates the blood; promotes circulation
Regulates body temperature
Strengthens the Qi (the Lungs are the Master of the Qi)
and reinforces the Qi of the Lungs to protect against
exogenous invasion and to enhance systemic Qi
 Spleen  Controls the Blood, circulates the Blood
Strengthens digestion
Nourishes the muscles
Strengthens the Qi
 Liver  For iron deficient anemia
Dispels Evil Winds by moving the Qi
Facilitates the digestive process to support postnatal Qi
Moves Liver excess

The strength of this formula lies in its ability to prevent disease. Together these points strengthen the antipathogenic factor (the true Qi of the body). However, the prescription can also be used with good results when a patient has an illness such as the flu or the common cold.

The Nanking Army formula is ideal for those who are weak, immunodeficient, dislike needles, or who are very young or elderly. The prescription may be used alone or as a supplement to other treatments. Needles can be used daily or Magrain gold pellets applied to the points every 3 to 5 days for as long as necessary. You should find this formula helpful in your practice.


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