Points on the posterior aspect of the ear

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94. Vagus: This is a strong point to regulate functions and organs of the Middle Jiao, which is where the vagus nerve largely supplies.

The Vagus point is used to treat digestive disorders like gastralgia and helps expel gallstones. It is also good for remedying headaches, asthma, stomachaches, palpitations, bowel problems, and any areas that the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve in the body, innervates.

95., 96., 97. Upper, Middle, and Lower Back: These points correspond to a variety of back problems. For added reinforcement, it is helpful to use these points with the corresponding back points on the front of the ear; for instance, use Upper Back on the back of the ear with Upper Thoracic Vertebrae on its anterior surface.

98. Lower Blood Pressure Groove: This is a powerful groove used to lower high blood pressure, especially when the groove is bled.

99. Superior Root of the Ear: This point treats hemiplegia.

100. Spinal Cord 1: This point can be used to treat muscular atrophy and paralysis.


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