Points of the tragus

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21. Thirst: The Thirst point can regulate thirst whether if it is excessive or insufficient. The Thirst point is commonly used in weight loss protocols to reduce fluid consumption.

22. External Nose: Primarily used for problems on the exterior of the nose; External Nose treats acne, broken blood vessels of the nose, and rhinitis.

23. Hunger: Depending upon which acupuncture technique is used, the Hunger point can reduce or stimulate hunger. Hunger is traditionally used as part of weight loss or stop smoking protocols where there is a tendency to satisfy oral cravings by eating.

24. Internal Nose: Internal Nose, as its name implies, treats problems such as runny nose, stuffy nose, sinus pressure, maxillary sinusitis, polyps, and bloody nose.

25. Adrenal: Adrenal point is a major point for treating shock, pulselessness, asthma, hypotension, stress, infection, inflammation, and trauma. Adrenal regulates adrenal hormones and treats cough and shortness of breath due to adrenal insufficiency.


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