Points of the antitragus

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65. Dingchuan: Analogous to the body point Dingchuan on the back of the neck (0.5 cun lateral to GV 14 – Dazhui), this is another very powerful point to assist in stop wheezing. It is excellent for bronchitis, asthma, and other breathing difficulties. Dingchuan is sometimes called the Ear asthma point. It works well with the Stop Wheezing point located in the triangular fossa.

66. Brain (also known as Subcortex): The Brain point is involved in regulating the excitation and inhibition of the cerebral cortex. Diseases of the nervous, digestive, endocrine, and uritogenital systems, as well as hemorrhage, insomnia, inflammation, pain, swelling, shock, prolapse, and excessive sweating can be treated with this point. In my opinion, Brain point is the second most important point in the ear, with Shenmen being first. I use it to augment almost every treatment because the brain controls every bodily activity. According to some sources, the Brain point corresponds to the pituitary gland.

67. Occiput: To treat the occiput locally in cases such as occipital headache,dizziness, neck tension, stiffness along the nape, or Blood Stasis patterns in the occipital area, use the Occiput point. Because the visual cortex of the brain is located in the occiput, this point can be used to treat a multitude of eye disorders. Occiput also treats neuropsychiatric disorders, psychosis, pain, shock, inflammation, convulsions, lockjaw, and regulates the nervous system. In addition, it can be used to relieve motion sickness.

68. Temple: This is a local point for treating problems of the temple, such as breakouts, tension, temporal headaches, one-sided headaches, and migraines. It is sometimes called the Taiyang point because body acupuncture point Taiyang is located at the temple.

69. Forehead: This point is useful for treating local problems of the forehead, such as wrinkles, acne, and pain and congestion of the sinuses and/or forehead. It is used to treat Yangming (Large Intestine/ Stomach) headaches.

70. Brainstem: This point treats disorders of the cerebral blood vessels and meninges, incomplete development of the brain, apoplexy, convulsions, and stiffness along the nape, sequel to cerebral shock, and respiration.

71., 72. Eye 1 and Eye 2: These are supplemental points used in remedying a wide array of eye disorders, such as glaucoma and myopia. Use with the Eye point on the lobe (#15) as the primary point in the formula; supplement with Liver, Heart, Spleen, and Stomach ear points. The Spleen and Stomach process nutrients for the body that creates the blood. Blood is necessary for eye health and sight.

73. Raise Blood Pressure: This point can raise blood pressure and, as such, it is useful in emergency situations in which the blood pressure needs to be raised.

74. Ovaries/Testes: This point can be used to treat a variety of reproductive disorders involving the ovaries in women or the testes in men, including irregular menstruation and infertility.

75. Endocrine (also called the Internal Secretion point): This point is used to regulate all endocrine secretions in the body; thus, it is useful for hormonal problems.

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