Plum-blossom Tapping Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Plum-blossom Tapping Cosmetic Acupuncture , The plum-blossom hammer has seven short, sharp needles grouped together on a flat surface. It can be used with a light tapping method to cause redness of skin, or it can be tapped more heavily to cause bleeding.

Here we are referring to the light tapping method, which is effective in vitiligo, in moving the Qi, and, more importantly, is used for firming the tissue on the chin, abdomen and anywhere there are fat tyres on the body, where the weight never seems to leave.

Fig 5.15 Plum-blossom tapping on lines 1 cm parallel to the midline. Lines are tapped

Fig 5.15 Plum-blossom tapping on lines 1 cm parallel to the midline. Lines are tapped

The technique
Hold the plum-blossom hammer at the handle and tap at a right angle to the skin along a line. The tapping has to follow a direction (these are described with the various therapy plans), and not in both upwards and downwards directions. The whole face of the hammer must fall flat on the skin with a ‘ thud ’ sound. Each hammered spot should be close to the earlier one, within 1 cm distance. You cannot hammer an 8 cm line in four taps.

You will see a red line appear within 10 to 12 times of tapping a line. This will usually diffuse and widen within 1 or 2 minutes. Then you can move to tap the next one. Adjust the heaviness of the tapping if you see drops of blood appear – you are tapping too hard!

~ For the treatment of vitiligo , one must tap daily till the depigmented skin is quite red. Each area needs 10 to14 tapping sessions before becoming

~ In lifting treatments, it would be sufficient to treat one to two sessions per week to make a difference, and then once fortnightly or monthly for
maintenance treatment.

~ When treating ‘ tyres ’ (areas which stay fat and full, even though the rest of the body seems to become slim and supple), it is necessary to move the Qi in this particular area, so it will not stagnate and cause a block. To move the functional Qi, you can tap the paravertebral area behind this area vertically downwards on a line approximately 1 cm lateral on either sides.
– For ‘ tyres ’ on the chest area, levels between C 6 and T 7 prominences can be tapped.
– For ‘ tyres ’ on the upper abdomen, levels between T 8 and L 2 can be tapped.
– For ‘ tyres ’ around the lower abdomen and hips, levels between L 4 and S 4 can be tapped ( Figure 5.15 ).

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