Pain control and burn trauma in Ear Acupuncture

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  Relieving the complex process of pain that is part of the human condition has been a focus in medicine, and ear acupuncture is no exception. In almost all types of pain that do not require surgical intervention, Oriental medicine and ear acupuncture have been highly successful in the remediation of pain.

  Auricular acupuncture can be selected as a modality of choice to assist in pain control, pain reduction, and even remediation, if the causative factors are acknowledged. If points are selected carefully according to the diagnosis and if ear point location and needle technique are correct, pain may be alleviated in a matter of seconds to hours. In my experience, I have found that the more acute the pain, the faster it can be relieved vs. chronic pain, which takes longer due to lingering etiological factors.

  Hua Sun12 writes, “Comparisons of randomized patients assigned to receive body acupuncture vs. auricular acupuncture had an effective rate for the auricular acupuncture group that surpasses the body acupuncture group and that the difference was statistically significant.” H. Wu et al.13 say that “in treating postoperative pain due to incisions, auricular medicine was successful over analgesics, which have several side effects. The operations included gall bladder removal, appendectomy, radical

  open colon and rectal operations, hernia repair, thyroidectomy, removal of mammary tumor, and subgastrectomy. The reason advanced for this is that auricular pressing dredges the channels, thus the stasis can be removed and the pain diminished.”

  Beatrice Umeh14 points out, “In patients suffering from acute torticollis, a Nigerian study showed significant relief for patients within 24 hours by way of ear tacks. The researcher also concluded that tropical weather did not increase the chances of ear infection, although getting the ear wet did.”

  In the management of pain and inflammation that are a sequel to burn trauma, E. Jichova and associates15 found “Shenmen and the thalamic projection points were effective in pain mitigation. They supplemented the treatment with body points LU 7 (Lieque), LI 4 (Hegu), and ST 36 (Zusanli).”

  This is a useful modality to consider because of the debilitating nature of burn pain and the limited modalities that acupuncturists have at their disposal to treat those patients.

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