Pain and Other Variables in Auricular Acupuncture

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One of the chief indications for auriculoacupuncture is the remediation of pain. If the underlying etiology of that pain is not addressed with Oriental or Western therapeutics, pain relief may only be temporary and even dangerous.

Noted auricular acupuncturist Paul Nogier provides a list of other disorders for which he claims ear acupuncture is contraindicated. He warns not to use for “neuroleptics; if there is vertebral blockage as in the case of disc herniation; for paralysis; and if the patient has a permanent scar condition.”1

Likewise, Helmut Kropej has a set of what he calls absolute contraindications for ear therapy. He cautions not to use ear acupuncture for the following conditions: “Pain that necessitates surgery, demyelinating diseases,treatment of the thalamus and inner genitals during pregnancy, and all congenital disorders in which the spinal cord is mainly affected.” He furthers maintains that hormonally active points during menstruation should not be used.2 I have not found the latter to be a problem.

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