New polymer lithium-ion battery successfully developed

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With independent intellectual property rights of a new type of polymer lithium-ion battery and it will soon be put into the production process of industrialization. According to Science and Technology Daily reported that this unique battery technology is from 4 years ago returning from overseas, led by its researchers Following the liquid plastic film lithium-ion power batteries made after the outcome of an important. At present, the polymer lithium-ion battery production lines are under construction.


It is understood that the liquid lithium-ion battery is the most high-tech research in recent years one of the important results, representing the current development of the chemical power of the most advanced level. As a result of such batteries with high specific energy and recycling, the good life, such as a significant advantage, now widely used in mobile communications, cameras, laptops and other electronic devices, and is gradually moving towards electric bicycles, electric vehicles and other areas to expand the scope of application. It is estimated that the global lithium-ion HP battery demand has reached 1.3 billion, and with the applications and the ever-expanding year by year.


The past, both at home and abroad polymer lithium-ion battery manufacturers use the United States Bell Laboratories Bellcore process. However, due to the cumbersome process of the method, low efficiency, investment in equipment and the shortcomings of higher cost of production, serious constraints of polymer lithium-ion battery development and industrialization.


Domestic and foreign markets in recent years in the so-called polymer lithium-ion battery products, but in fact is a flexible liquid batteries, there are still a large number of internal dynamic electrolyte flow, do not have the characteristics of polymer electrolyte, in the security risk there. With lithium-ion battery in the communications and IT industry’s rapid surge in usage, the battery safety performance is increasingly prominent, not only the requirements of lithium-ion battery has excellent electrical properties, also called for greater security.


The battery has a very excellent low-temperature discharge performance and cycle performance (over 500). With the same battery capacity compared to liquid packaging, such polymer lithium-ion rechargeable battery and acupuncture in the past, such as safety testing, in particular, a unique performance advantages.


Importantly, by researchers and development of new polymer lithium-ion battery production technology, also has a small investment in equipment and production technology is simple and so on. The results with independent intellectual property rights, there is no doubt China will enhance battery manufacturing sector in the international competitiveness and promote domestic polymer lithium-ion acer 1200 battery ,  dell inspire 1520 battery industry and greatly expand the lithium-ion battery applications.


Recently, the USA and Georgia Institute of Technology announced that with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working closely with scientists, they have successfully developed a micro-generators, only 10 mm in diameter, is the continuing use of mobile phone battery is more than 10 times.


Ouyang Changyu said, according to a preliminary statistical analysis of production units in 2005 more than 68.4 million kilowatts, of which 23.8 million kilowatts during the first half of production more than the end of power generation capacity of more than 510 million kilowatts.


Electricity shortage in recent years against a background of a lot of money into the field of power construction, signs of a new round of power surplus, the imbalance between investment in the power grid began to gradually expose the contradictions. If the project can not be put into production on schedule or electricity supply problems are not solved, is even more serious power shortage.


Mobile phone charger base in the world’s largest deep-down ibm thinkpad r40, dell xps m1530 battery, dell inspiron 2200 battery.


The world’s largest manufacturing base for mobile phone charger will be unveiled in Shenzhen! Reporter yesterday from the Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. inaugurated the new plant was informed that the global mobile phone charger industry’s second largest manufacturer Group has major manufacturing operations to Shenzhen, the new plant will allow the completion of the company’s mobile phone charger 1 times higher than production capacity, annual output of mobile phone charger up to 200 million, which became the world’s largest manufacturing base for mobile phone charger.

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