Natural Ways To Increase Fertility

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Having trouble getting pregnant? If this is the case there are simple steps to take that can improve your chances because the way we live our lives has a huge impact on our bodies - and this applies to both men and women, after all the natural ways to increase fertility are those preferred by most.

Drinking alcohol can be risky for pregnancies. Studies have shown that the risk of having a miscarriage increases with moderate alcohol consumption in the first trimester, especially the first couple of weeks.

Nutrition is an important factor in fertility treatment. Giving your body the proper levels of nourishment will mean that it has all it needs to function properly, and is of course the most simple and natural ways to increase fertility naturally! The reserve of nutrients that is vital for complete functioning of the reproductive hormone system is lowered with bad eating habit and poor diet.

Good digestion, what kinds of foods you eat and your level of nutrients are all part of the puzzle for fertility and gaining a proper hormonal balance. Hormone production can be affected by a shortage of vitamins like vitamin A and B6 as well as essential fatty acids, antioxidant and zinc and magnesium - all of which can make falling pregnant less likely.

Have you ever considered trying traditional medicine and acupuncture to aid your fertility treatment? Medical acupuncture treatment can be great if you are suffering from unexplained infertility - it can help to create a balanced bodily system which is receptive and ready for conceiving. If there is a physical impediment to conception in either partners, such as low sperm count or damage in the fallopian tubes then as a supplement to medical treatment couples can use acupuncture as well.

When correctly administered acupuncture can help deal with many of the complex imbalances that often underlay a reduced ability to fall pregnant - in both men and women.

Fertility and stress are not good bedfellows. When women get stressed they over-produce the hormone prolactin which can interfere with normal ovulation processes. Simultaneously the hypothalamus ceases secretion of the essential hormone gonadotrophin which will also mean that the luteinizing hormone and the follicle-stimulating hormones are both not released. The release of these hormones is what stimulates ovulations so fertility is naturally reduced with stress.

Some of the things to help reduce stress include regular exercise, calm breathing practices as well as visualization techniques and hypnotherapy - a combination of the following can really help:

Because fertility and our ability to conceive is not just governed by the health of our reproductive systems, but by the health of our body as a complete unit, many holistic approaches actually work really well as natural ways to increase fertility treatment. It may be a combination of things which are needed to fall pregnant, like nutritional supplements or de-stressing with massage or acupuncture, but there are lots of natural ways to help.

For women who smoke there is a rise in the risk of miscarrying the baby as well as lowered levels of progesterone and oestrogen. Male smokers encounter fertility problems related to reduced testosterone and sperm abnormalities as well as a reduction in the mobility of sperm and their density. In both men and women the risks outlined only increase with the number of cigarettes consumed each day.

Hypnotherapy can have many health benefits and can be a great natural way to increase your chances of conception.

Especially beneficial with unexplained infertility, hypnotherapy sessions can teach patients to release any stress or tension using breathing and relaxation techniques. It can teach patients to release emotional worries or blockages that can subconsciously be at the root of infertility. Using hypnotherapy to identify and settle unresolved emotional issues can help with increasing your chances of conception.

Hidden and deep-seated anxieties can also be resolved using hypnotherapy, and this can be the key for hormonal rebalancing. This is most often seen in cases where an over-production of prolactin in playing around with proper ovulation.

Hypnotherapy can also be used in the birthing process and can teach women to be calm and relaxed while birthing. Women can have a more natural and calm birthing experience by using the special techniques for relaxing and the proper breathing methods learned through hypnotherapy.

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