(Natural Herbs) White Weed

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White Weed Scientific Names and Common Names,White Weed Biochemical Information,Uses,Warning,Where Found,Parts Usually Used,White Weed Description of Plant(s) and Culture,Medicinal Properties.

(Natural Herbs) White Weed


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Scientific Names

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum L. Composite family

Common Names

Golden daisy
Herb Margaret
Ox-eye daisy
White daisy
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Parts Usually Used

Leaves, flowers
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Description of Plant(s) and Culture

White weed is a perennial plant; the furrowed, simple or sparingly branched stem grows from 1-3 feet high and bears alternate, toothed, sessile and clasping leaves. Both stem and radical leaves are spatulate or obovate with rounded ends; the radical leaves are more strongly toothed. The stem, and the branch, if any, is topped by a solitary flower head with yellow disk and white rays.
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Where Found

Grows in fields and waste places over most of North America, Europe, and Asia as a common weed.
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Medicinal Properties

Diaphoretic, diuretic, irritant
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White weed is very seldom used today. Can promote sweating and used to treat urinary and dropsical problems. Used to treat pulmonary diseases, palsy, sciatica, runny eyes, and gout. Externally; applied to promote the flow of blood to the surface and to treat warts, pustules, ulcers, wounds, bruises. The dried plant and even the flowers of the common daisy, boiled up with some honey, have been recommended as an alleviant to attacks of asthma.
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