Natural Healing Center in the Philippines Offers Affordable Therapy That Works!

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If you have been looking for natural therapy to cure a chronic health problem, then the Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines could be just what you have been searching for. This institution has been hailed as South East Asia's "only affordable in-patient naturopathy healing center" and is well worth examining.

The center uses yoga and natural therapy to address a variety of health issues including problems relating to body weight, stress and the internal organs. But the center is not confined to this specialization and has helped people suffering from acidity, arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, cysts and tumors, mild depression, heart trouble, hemorrhoids, blood pressure, joint pains, cholesterol, kidney and gallbladder problems, liver debility, sinusitis, skin disease and ulcer. It has also dealt with cases of obesity, acne, menstrual complications, and physical and mental weakness.

How does it work?

In case you are wondering how the center goes about treating such illnesses it is useful to look at the special approach that is followed there. Unlike other medical systems, yoga-natural therapy does more than address the symptoms of health problems. It eliminates the root of illness, which is primarily due to inappropriate eating and thinking habits that cause toxins and stress to over-accumulate in the body. It uses a number of easy-to-follow systems to facilitate the body's cleansing. These are prescribed according to individual needs and include the following:

• a delicious cleansing diet of easily digestible alkaline food (usually only fruits and vegetables, in some cases only juices), freeing the digestive system from its normal burdens

• a unique Super Herbal Detox, superior to the world's leading colon cleansers, which first absorbs toxins from your digestive system, and then from your entire body

• exercise options including gentle yoga exercise for the glands and nerves, brisk walking, aerobic dance, and active games

• hot and cold water treatments, mud packs, colema colon cleansing, massage-bubble-bath and sun andoil baths to relax stressed nerves, eliminate toxins and tone-up exhausted internal organs

• water-drinking system, to cleanse toxins daily and to invigorate whole body

• mental exercises or meditation (including deep relaxation and visualization) to convert stress into calm positivism

• entertaining and educative activities which also help to overcome stress and disease

The Center and its staff

The Center is a 100% positive and relaxing environment within a unique 22-room dome building, located in a small village. Including a small garden and grass playing-field, the total atmosphere is soothing to the senses.

I have been an Ananda Marga meditation teacher for nearly 40 years and have specialized in yoga therapy for much of that time. Working with me are other skilled natural health experts including Dr. Romy Paredes, Cebu's leading alternative-medicine doctor, whose practices include homeopathy, acupuncture, chelation therapy for cleansing heavy metals, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Students, not patients

At our center you are termed a "student," not a "patient." Because of this approach, you will leave for your home equipped with the experience and know-how of an all-around completely healthy lifestyle. Our goal is not only to provide you with immediate relief of your problems but to equip you with the knowledge that will allow you to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

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  1. jocelyn says:


    May I know where is your location here in Cebu. I have a upper back pain. how much does it cost per session of acupuncture. May X-ray revealed i have a straightening of the neck. Is it treatable by acupuncture and how many sessions and how much it cost. thanks.


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