Moxibustion of Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Moxibustion of Cosmetic Acupuncture, The common moxa treatment for skin problems is ginger moxa. Moxa is a herb called mugwort, which is dried for 14 days in spring and then the leaves are crushed and burned like tobacco. Moxa is used on the skin – sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly with ginger or garlic in between.
Moxibustion is a heat treatment, and is generally used in cold, damp–cold or yang-deficient disorders. Warts, vitiligo and psoriasis of a cold nature are good indications for this treatment.
The technique
Cut fresh ginger into thin (1/8th cm) slices. Create holes on these with an acupuncture needle. Place the slices on the warts, vitiligo or psoriasis and
thinly cover the slices with moxa wool. Light the moxa in several places and let it smoke. If the slices get too hot, hold the sides of the ginger plates and move them to another spot. Keep a saucer nearby in case the ginger slices become too hot and should be thrown away.
If the affected areas are uneven and it is difficult to balance the smoking ginger plates, it is possible to cut fresh ginger and rub it on the affected skin, and then hold a lighted moxa cigar on this area. The addition of ginger to the moxa will make the effect more yang in nature. The ginger moxa has to be given regularly to the patient, daily if possible, and up to 14 treatments are required for best results (Figure 5.14) .

Fig 5.14 Ginger moxa

Fig 5.14 Ginger moxa

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