Moxibustion and Auricular Acupuncture

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Moxa provides the powerful therapeutic effects of tonifying the Qi and Yang, removing Cold, and increasing the flow of Qi and Blood in the channels.

Generally speaking, moxa is not used for most points in the ear due to the relatively small size of the ear points and the large size of most moxa instruments. Incense stick-size moxa is convenient in treating such small points. Hold a moxa stick over the Common Cold point to treat a cold or, preventatively, to deter a cold. If needles are inserted in the ear, a moxa stick may be held over the needle handle to conduct heat into the point. Facial paralysis, ophthalmic pain, mumps, painful bi syndromes painful obstruction, herpes zoster, and auricular chondritis are well treated with auricular moxibustion. Moxa smoke can be blown into the ear to treat earache.

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