Most Difficult Case Of Epilepsy Homeopathic And Acupunctural Treatment

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Dr. Dumitrescu Ioan.
Med. Spec. BFT, acupuncturist, homeopath.
Most difficult case of epilepsy homeopathic and acupunctural treatment
In month March 1993 consulted patient D. E of 30 years from Pitesti with diagnoses:
1. Epilepsy - form big border, on surgery effect of plexus choroid.
2. Paresis the spastic law.
The neurological examination accomplished of Andreescu physician, showed spastic paralisy the law, body hypesthesia the law, ROT present the alive maul right in, prevailing receptive aphasia, hemianopsy right namesake, plantar indifferent the law without tension of the nape. The epileptic crises have digestive symptom.
From historians keep as the complaint begining in the year 1971
To 12 of years) with crises of loss of were.
Was hospitalised in the many maul hospitals, among which:
-1978 He is send to the hospital from Tirgu Mures where does the specific treatments .
The crises is accentuated and in March 1980 appeared paresis the law, is re hospitalised, with the diagnosis of cerebral ganglion extinguish, for which having a operation .
The evolution after operation is modest, reason for which in 1980 july is hospitalised again, for cyst in operation zone
But the evolution caused again the hospitalisation for special investigations the si the treatment.

February 1991 he is hospitalised in the hospital Militar Central Bucuresti the section surgery for cerebral ganglion extinguish, showed : Paresis in the law, disturbances of sight and equilibrium.
Is operata be externata as vindecata surgically, efectuiindu drainage ventriculo cerebral.
I consulted pacienta in 1993 prezentind urmatoarele elemental symptoms in the diagnosis acupunctural:
The pale-face, Thin warehouse viscos on the language, deep accelerated pulse.
As well as clinical symptoms of the guy of the convulsions to the limba level with head turned rightish or droped on chest, the look in upside, mydriasis.

Of a leakages salivary viscid secretions from mouth, noises to the crossing of the air through trachea as the of a expression secretions trachea viscid. After convulsions drop in a deep sleeps, unconsciously.
The general background age of weakness and depresion with a deep alteration of the intellect.
The power diagnosis show an invasion of the a meridian of the liver blasty and phlegm, with Qi deficinecy and what blood cause the rigidity and the spasm in brawn and thews.
Visaed: The sedation liver, the elimination of the wind, fortify Qi-ului and blood with the dissolution of the phlegm.

I used points:
Zhao Hai( R 6) as points of opening meridian Yin Qiao, crises of epilepsy in amongst day in dispersion.
Xin Hui( VG 22) for brain-fever, confusion, emotivity, spirit disturbed, drowsiness, denies the persons from company difficult agreement words - in shui Gou( VG 26) point of appease the crises of epilepsy, what dissipate heat, appeases the spirit and spreads the wind pathogenetic - dispersion.
Feng Long( St 40) - reduces phlegm and regulates the bread-basket stomac simptoms leave from bread-basket.

Another points Shen Mai( VU 62), Tai Chong( F 3) for nocturnal crises. Also I have else used and 2 points extra very valuable meridians Guidang and Sishencong. For absent loop of some monthes utilized Yaoshu( VG 2) what he takes effect and on the wind pathogenic, the humidity clarifying the useful channels in epilepsy.
The homeopathic diagnosis was established on the strength of repertorisation - Kent: Convulsion Upper limbs 968 Belladona, congestion head with redness does 111 - Bell, unwind light 62 Bell, unconsciousness 89 Bell. The medicine were Belladona initially frecvently in low dilutions of C 7 day-to-day.
The evolution were oscillating, the acupunctural treatment was accomplished the serial in of how many 10 sittings to 60 respective 90 days improving flatly the semiology.
The treatment of background with Belladona daily permited the decrease the number of crises previous , in the number of: 5 - 10-20 - day-to-day, to 2-3 on week with the progressive decrease of the doses of allopathic medicine .
The examination showed the in 1994 a natural route against 1997 the si 1992 when presentation, where typical for epilepsy in the temporary zones

In month March 1994 the crises become else dense 2-3 on day with the aggravation general state, reason for which have trippery the special examination the si laboratory investigations to the job of neurology of the hospital Municipal Bucuresti, established waves as the which sensation assures the ventricular drainage jammed age.
Is interfered surgical operation – the gastric drainage with the change of the valve.
The evolution of this the date were excellent without been necessary the treatment acupunctural, the patient using only just on the remedy Belladona C 7 a date on week and tb. Phenobarbital morning and tb. Diazepam evening.

Chats about the case.
This were followed for 7 years presenting against another cases an dramaticaly evolution a certain in moments and except the confidence father this in kind of treatment as the the si the rigor of their prolusion contributed decisive to this success . therapeutically.
The state still more selected clinical the state of conscious now after 7 years is clear and changed .
If in March 1993 patient age incite due to a basic how much affection the si by reason of the medication taked the in big doses, with general weakness the si paresis the law, which in the verbal contact with patient impossible age; In August 1994 patient he presented conscious with a tonus a psyche and
Goed natural age, the daily dense activity is sumed up merely to domestic works age
Psychologically the patient has a new the life, conceptualizing drama of the slippage of precinct 20 of years and in which practical the social reinsertion impossible age.
From 1994 within 2000 the evolution were very good patient the maul presenting just 2-3 minor crises years with a minimums of allopathist daily medication( tb. Phenobarbital + tb. Diazepam) and homeopathic medication of upkeep containing the remedy of constitution and simptomatic remedies, for different situations.

These big amounts of medicines drove to the alteration of hepatic function closing the vicious circle: Diminish Yin-ului liver, reins, breed the wind pathogenic and the stagnation of the phlegm( mucosities) to the level orifices interventricullary, with the of a sustentation states of cerebral permanent edemas. The effect the wind, pathogenetic heat be doctored fractionally in outskirts with alopathic medicine, without doctored cause, just aggravating through allopathist medication. The repercussions about the nervous cell, about stereotype dynamic the dukes unfortunately to a hard to handicap solved.
Mention as best they answered the recent cases of copies whereat the treatment established permited their social reinsertion.

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