Mixed Skin in Cosmetic Acupuncture

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It is very common in people with skin problems for the skin to be oily in certain places and dry in others. Two patterns occur:

Spleen Qi defi ciency or Triple Warmer Qi defi ciency

Spleen Qi defi ciency or Triple Warmer Qi defi ciency

~ Oily skin on face and dry skin on legs. This is a problem between the three warmers (San Jiao), where there is dampness stagnating in the upper warmer and yin deficiency in the lower. Treatment would be to descend the dampness from the upper and tonify the yin in the lower.
~ Patchy skin on the face, where one area is oily and another dry . This is caused by poor distribution of dampness in the skin surface. Since peripheral circulation of dampness is a Spleen function, this would be a symptom of Spleen Qi deficiency.

Treatment of Triple Warmer Qi defi ciency
~ UB 22, UB 39, Lu 5, Sp 6, K 7.

Treatment of Spleen Qi defi ciency
~ UB 20, St 40, Sp 1.
~ Massage the skin surface with light moisturizer to improve circulation.
~ When treating oily skin, some subcutaneous local needling helps.
~ When treating dry areas, better results may be obtained by tonifying the yin of the organs in that area. For example, dry legs would benefit from Kidney yin tonification, point K 7; or dry arms with point Lu 9 or H 9.

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