Mental Health and Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

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  Depressive states, hallucinations, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, and mental retardation

In an interesting study by G. B. H. Lewis,18 on the use of oral diazepam, ear acupuncture and a relaxation tape were compared as methods of controlling preoperative anxiety. Both of the nondrugless options were easy to use and suggest advantages over drugs when rapid recovery is desired. The point used was Wexu’s Relaxing Zone — also known as the Chinese Nervousness (anxiety) point, Nogier’s Aggressivity point, or Oleson’s Worry Master Controller point. It is located along the margins of the medial border of the lobe in the infratragal area. This same point was also found to be more effective than Shenmen in S. M. Wang and Z. N. Kain’s19 study in significantly reducing anxiety in a normal volunteer population (i.e., did not have preoperative anxiety). The study concluded that the use of the Anxiety point helped in the regulation of anxiety prior to surgery.

“In 120 people suffering hallucinations and treated with auricular acupuncture, an 80% success rate was achieved in treating schizophrenia, reactive psychosis, senile psychosis, and climacteric disorder using the Anxiety point (discussed above), Subcortex, and External Auricle in the first treatment, and Shenmen, Yangwei, and Internal Ear in the second treatment.”20 In another study by M. Romoli and A. Giommi,21 “Patients with possible psychosomatic disorders of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems were treated with ear acupuncture. It was found that the point most sensitized to stress was the Triple Warmer or Sanjiao point.” This study emphasizes the importance of Sanjiao as a treatment point for clinical usage including psychosomatic disorders.

According to evaluation by standard IQ tests, L. Tian22 claims that “128 children with mental retardation had an improvement in intelligence quotient (IQ) and social adaptation behavior (SAB) when treated with acupuncture, auriculo-pellet pressure, and herbal plasters on acupoints.”

        Gastric disorders, cholelithiasis

Biliary colic is a common and painful condition. Its treatment frequently requires intramuscular injections of conventional analgesics, which cause numerous side effects. In a study by Y. Zhang and associates23 done on rabbits, it was found that “marked contraction of the gall bladder occurs after only 1 minute of stimulation of the Gall Bladder point, thus proving that the Gall Bladder point corresponds to the gall bladder in rabbits. The contraction lasted for 30 to 40 minutes.”

In another study24 on the clinical effectiveness of ear acupuncture needles for biliary colic, a success rate of 93.33% was obtained. The only point used in this study was Erzhong or the Diaphragm Point (also known as Point Zero by Nogier and the Master Point by Oleson). Pain was relieved in 2 to 5 minutes by twirling the needle for 15 seconds every 3 to 5 minutes. Hiccups, jaundice, infantile enuresis, dermatitis, diseases of the digestive tract, diaphragmatic spasm, and kidney and gastrointestinal colic also were found to be relieved by this point. Z. Y. Li and colleagues’25 study found ear seed therapy to be 86.5% successful in eliminating gallstones. A 1989 study26 had a 70% success rate in expelling gallstones from the Liver and Gallbladder along with the patient eating a lard-fried egg every day to activate the Gallbladder. The ear points used were Heart, Brain, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, Shenmen, and Spleen.

with semen vaccaria applied to the points. Motor function of the Gallbladder was initiated within 30 to 45 minutes. Lung is one of the most clinically effective points for gastric ulcer because the Lungs, by dominating the mucous membranes, heal the lining of the Stomach.

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