Medicine blends East and West

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Traditional medicine , which has helped Chinese people throughout the country's long history, can contribute more to the health of the world if it integrates more with modern medicine, according to an official at an international symposium
yesterday in Beijing.

"We must open our minds to reconcile the two approaches to meet the health challenges of the new century," Shigeru Omi, director of the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office (WHOWPRO), said at the meeting.

The five-day workshop sponsored by WHOWPRO, which started yesterday, attracted 50 officials and medical experts from 13 countries and regions.

To evaluate the value and role of traditional medicine today, and to integrate the methods of traditional medicine with modern medical techniques are the focus of the conference, Vice-Health Minister Zhu Qingsheng said at the opening of the meeting.

Traditional medicine has developed a complete theoretical system centring on Chinese herbal medicine, supplemented by acupuncture, moxibustion, medical massage and qigong (a system of deep breathing exercises).

However, people who rely on Chinese medicines are becoming increasingly choosy, demanding safer and more effective remedies, Chen said.

One of the main tasks of this week's meeting is to discuss the modern scientific base for traditional Chinese medicine.

To promote international exchange on traditional medicine, a convention is scheduled for April 2000 in Beijing.


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