Medical Spas: Fastest Growing Phenomenon in Alpharetta Georgia

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It is understandable that there exists a need for a medical spa because many individuals seek both high-quality medical care and a relaxing experience when receiving skincare treatments.


That is exactly what you will get with a medical spa, the combination of a medical clinic and a day spa. Medical spas tend to have a more clinical atmosphere than day spas, they always operate under medical professionals supervision. However, they are different in that relaxing services like massage and body treatments are often offered. Some medical spas may also have a wellness focus and include services like acupuncture, nutritional counseling and naturopathic doctor consultations.


Different Medical Spas offer many different treatments. But the standard services you can typically get at any medical spa are: laser treatments, laser hair removal, spider veins, microdermabrasion, age spots, Botox and fillers and aggressive chemical peals. These treatments are most effectively done by a medical professional then a traditional esthetician.


Alpharetta Medical spas, like Ageless Remedies of Alpharetta, offer the latest and greatest in anti-aging techniques, injectables, acne treatments and laser hair removal. Some of the procedures available include the following:


Botox Injections

Botox Injections are intended to reduce the signs of aging. Botox is a preparation of botilinum toxin, which is injected under the skin of the forehead, between the eyes or around the corner of the eyes to fill in wrinkles and depressed areas.


Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are designed to get rid of dead and dull skin and improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin. This is done with an acid solution that is used to remove the top layer of skin.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is used to remove hair from the lip, chin, ear lobe, shoulders, back, underarm, abdomen, buttocks, pubic area, bikini lines, thighs, face, neck, cleavage, chest, arms, legs, hands, and toes for both men and women. This treatment provides a much smoother and fresher look to the skin then other hair removal techniques.


Injectable Fillers

There are many different injectable fillers that can be used, Restylane, Sculptra and Juvaderm are a few popular ones. These Injectable fillers are injected into the skins depression areas and deep wrinkles to firm up the targeted area.


Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is becoming increasingly more popular for treating skin conditions because it requires no incisions and is a non-invasive procedure. This is used as another anti-aging method because It works well to soften and tighten the skin. This treatment is most often used for sunspots, freckles, and spider veins. Laser Therapy essentially is plasma energy beams that permeate the kin and target the undesirable cells.


Special Cosmetology Sessions

Many of the procedures above can cause redness, bruising or swelling. Therefore, medical spas offer an upscale cosmetic product line that is applied by a cosmetologist to hide these side effects.


A medical spa is a great choice if you're looking to undergo any of the skin care procedures listed above. The following are benefits to choosing a medical spa for treatment:

A licensed, medical professional rather than a traditional esthetician handles the supervision of the medical spa for the utmost reassurance. Medical professionals will usually have more experience and knowledge of the procedures and products available for their patients. Medical spas are a hybrid offering the amenities of both clinics and spas—experienced, knowledgeable staff that have dealt with numerous patient cases and the leisurely, comforting atmosphere of a spa. Staff members are well trained and the doctors have not only undergone extensive training themselves, but additionally, have had a wealth of field experience. Medical spas apothecaries carry many products necessary after a cosmetic surgery procedure. Specialized creams, cleansers, SPF laden moisturizers, and serums are among the most common products.


If you live in Alpharetta GA and would like to experience medical spa treatments, Ageless Remedies of Alpharetta is a great place to start. 

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