Losing Weight Today Through Acupuncture

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Acupuncture has been gaining popularity as a solution to weight loss. For the past several decades in the United States, acupuncture was mostly known to solely treat pain and musckuloskeletal disorders. But it was also proven effective in combatting excessive weight gain and effective in helping those lose excess weight. What is acupuncture and how does it make weight loss possible? Is it really worth the try?

This branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has had a very long history in the field of traditional and holistic medicine for about 5,000 years already. Acupuncture is a practice of inserting tiny needles on specific areas of the body to stimulate energy pathways which are sometimes called meridians. It can treat many illnesses and diseases especially pain from chronic disorders.

According to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners or TCM physicians, acupuncture can effectively help you lose body fat by simply making you feel full so you tend to eat less. This can curb down excess consumption of calories. With this, a patient who is on a weight loss program can achieve more desirable results through acupuncture.

Another remarkable effect of this acupuncture treatment is the increase in the rate of metabolism. Acupuncture can stimulate the metabolism which will help you to burn off more fat from your body. This in turn, helps you burn more calories to speed up weight loss without side effects.

There are Chinese medicine practitioners who testify that this alternative treatment stimulates the endorphin production. This hormone can help lower body fat, insulin and lipid levels which are present on our blood. Though this, the body system becomes balance with enough supply of insulin in the bloodstream.

Even with this proof, acupuncture is not a surefire cure for losing pounds from obesity cases. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners point out that acupuncture treatment alone is not enough for miraculous weight loss. To achieve good results from weight loss program and to maintain the achieved weight, there must be self discipline. Along with acupuncture treatment, it is strongly suggested to practice healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. The combination of these two is powerful enough to effectively lose weight.

Before undergoing the acupuncture treatment, the Chinese medicine practitioner will first carry out medical tests on you. He or she will check your pulse and tongue to verify if it is safe for you to undergo acupuncture weight loss treatment. The reason behind this is that TCM is a holistic branch of health care which means that they are not solely after the treatment of medical ailment. The holistic approach to resolve obesity is done by first investigating the underlying causes of gaining weight beyond normal.

If you want to take weight loss program seriously, try TCM acupuncture.

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