KID-1 Gushing Spring YONGQUAN - Acupuncture Points

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KID-1 Gushing Spring YONGQUAN -1

KID-1 Gushing Spring YONGQUAN -1

[KID-1 Gushing Spring YONGQUAN - Acupuncture Points] On the sole of the foot, in a depression between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones, at the junction of the anterior third and the posterior two-thirds of the sole.
How to find
Measure one third from the anterior border of the sole of the
foot. Palpate for a pressure-sensitive point dorsal to the balls of
the foot, at the midpoint of the width of the foot.
Needling this point is very painful and is therefore only recommended
for severe disorders or in an emergency. Acupressure is
commonly used instead; moxibustion is possible. For the treatment
of collapse, unconsciousness, shock or a severe excess condition,
this point should be strongly stimulated; in pronounced deficiency
conditions, stimulation should be applied more cautiously.

KID-1 Gushing Spring YONGQUAN -2

KID-1 Gushing Spring YONGQUAN -2

● Revives collapsed Yang
● Clears excess, Heat and Wind from the head, lowers Yang
● Calms the shen
Special features
Jing-well point, Wood point, sedation point, entry point. KID-1
is the lowest acupuncture point on the body and the only point
on the sole of the foot. For this reason, it plays an important role
in Qigong, forming a grounding point in the centre of the foot,
where the energies of the Earth and Man unite. During practice,
the centre of gravity should be above this point.

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