Innovative Acupuncture Technique Targets Joint Pain

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A unique form of acupuncture is found to relieve chronic joint pain. The technique works by pin-pointing the exact tissues that actually cause the dysfunction. The joint-specific acupuncture, developed by Dr. Ken Golden, is a perfect example of modifications that enable acupuncture to address pain even more effectively.

Acupuncture has been utilized to help heal people for thousands of years and through that time it has seen many modifications. Dr. Golden’s office, Symmergy Clinic has taken some traditional theory and combined it with western science to accomplish an application that specifically addresses joint pain. Although acupuncture is an art that has proven effective for thousands of years, simple adjustments can be found useful. “This joint-specific technique is simply another application of acupuncture... another way that acupuncture can help patients live without pain and do the things that they want, and should be able, to do,” says Dr. Golden.

Muscles determine the function of the joint that it spans, therefore this style of acupuncture targets the muscle tissue. By very carefully selecting the muscles that are too short and tight doctors can quickly lengthen them to allow the joint to function properly and without pain. This method works off of basic muscle-to-brain connectivity where the muscle is “tricked” into “thinking” that it is experiencing a sensation. As a result the portion of the brain controlling and coordinating muscle movements sends a signal for the muscle to release. The outcome is an increased length in muscle tissue and a decompression of the joint that it crosses.

“This concept of muscles controlling joints is very important” says Dr. Golden. “The muscles that move every joint in our bodies must have balance or symmetry in order to work properly. This is where the name “Symmergy” comes from: symmetry and synergy, if you have symmetrical muscle length you have synergistic joint function.”

Joint pain of all types such as, arthritis, bursitis, rotator cuff damage, and tendonitis, all begin with muscle asymmetry. “It does not matter if we’re talking about a knee, shoulder or neck” says Dr. Golden, “they all come from the same place and if you identify, treat and maintain the correct tissues the pain and inflammation can be controlled.”

This innovative technique has given patients with all ranges of discomfort, relief from their joint pain. “I’ve had patients that have endured three failed surgeries prior to having success with non-surgical treatment at Symmergy Clinic” says Dr. Golden. “The quicker we can treat a case the better chance of resolution we have. That being said, many of my patients have been through the ringer before seeking my care. Most of my patients do exceptionally well with treatment.”

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