Injections and Auricular Acupuncture

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Injections are a possible method of ear therapy. Injections involve the administration of various substances into acupuncture points to stimulate the physiological functions of the points through the pharmacological properties of the injected substances. Common injectables include saline (which simply stimulates the point); vitamin B12 (for nerve enrichment); lidocaine and procaine (for pain); placenta (to nourish Qi, Blood, and Essence); various Chinese herbal solutions, such as carthamus and ligustrum (most of which have the property of moving Qi and Blood); and homeopathic substances for their specific properties. A disadvantage of ear injections is the pain caused from the size of the hypodermic needle in relation to the size of the ear, as well as the pain caused by the injected substance (particularly alcohol), which is in the Chinese injections.

Clinical notes

Note 4 — “In treating functional bleeding of the uterus, small amounts of vitamin K3 were injected into the Diaphragm point. The Diaphragm point was chosen because in traditional theory, the diaphragm is the point where the Blood meets and can be directed to the proper meridians. Therefore, that point is indicated for treating diseases caused by bleeding due to Evil Heat in the Blood. Vitamin K3 promotes circulation and removal of Blood Stasis and lets the Blood go back to its original meridian. The Uterus point was injected with 0.1 ml of vitamin K3 with a 1 ml syringe and #5 g needle. The procedure was repeated every 3 to 4 days. The total success rate was 97% with results ranging from full recovery (48 cases), marked recovery (12 cases), some alleviation (8 cases), and unsuccessful (2 cases). The majority of patients experienced a general decrease in bleeding after the initial treatment, a marked decrease after the second treatment, and bleeding was eventually checked after the third or fourth treatment. Follow-up observation found no reoccurrence in most cases and a return to normal menses.15


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