Infertility and Acupuncture: Find out Why Many Western Doctors Endorse It!

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that is employed to treat people by inserting fine needles into precise points in the body referred to as meridians.

This system has become more prominent in the Western world over the past 20 years, in fact numerous Western doctors support it during the treatment of infertility and acupuncture has thus become a fantastic support to today's fertility techniques.

A familiar query from some women is 'Can I use acupuncture together with IVF (in vitro fertilization)' while some couples are skeptical and raise the question 'Is there any evidence that acupuncture works and how do I know that it will work for me'?    

This article will look at the connection between infertility and acupuncture and shed some light on the innermost concerns that are sometimes expressed by a woman that has infertility problems.

One of the chief considerations relates to the applying of acupuncture together with IVF which is today a very popular fertility technique.

The fantastic news is that infertility and acupuncture go hand in hand with in vitro fertilization in the way that acupuncture can balance and strengthen the overall physical condition while increasing the blood flow in the uterus consequently relaxing it and making the uterine lining more receptive to receiving the embryo.

The April 2002 issue of Fertility and Sterility reveals a study by German researchers who have improved the fertility rate by more than 50% using acupuncture as a support method to IVF.

That is wonderful news for the many women that have decided to test IVF but are in doubt about the effectiveness of acupuncture and require some assurance.  

While research shows definite and optimistic results in women, there are not many reports yet proving that acupuncture works for fertility in males, but in accordance with its principles
acupuncture works by means of enhancing the sperm count and its quality thereby increasing the possibility of pregnancy.

If there is a structural cause for a woman being infertile, like a problem with damaged fallopian tubes, then acupuncture will not likely resolve the problem. An excellent candidate for acupuncture is a woman whose infertility will not be structural, but functional and then the woman is highly encouraged to utilize acupuncture along with a fertility technique.

As we see infertility and acupuncture merge well together and this ancient Chinese method has been confirmed to be enormously successful in improving the chances of pregnancy in women.

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