Increasing Fertility to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Fertility specialists both in the conventional and alternate domains concur that there are non-medical factors that bring about a couple's inability to conceive. This really is great news as it means that besides depending on scientific methods and drugs, there are numerous fertility alternatives that a couple can use towards increasing fertility and increase chances of getting pregnant.

Below are 5 most commonly regarded procedures.


Emotional tension is a common aspect in both in males and females that contributes to issues getting pregnant. Emotional tension, be it good – relocating into your perfect house or adverse – work, can impact the sperm production in men and delay ovulation in females.

There are many testimonials of females, who in hope of increasing fertility and trying to conceive naturally changed their fast pace profession for a less demanding career. These women felt considerable improvement to their overall well-being virtually immediately and went on to conceive naturally six months to one year after that. Very often, removing excessive amount of stress and anxiety is the vital ingredient in the infertility remedy.


Studies have observed that a 5% weight loss in obese women who are not ovulating, was link to a 19% boost in blood circulation to the womb. This particular enhanced circulation will help bring about ovulation, triggering increase chances of getting pregnant.

Diet program

An important factor that will increase chances of getting pregnant is food plan. What we eat or perhaps do not eat has a large impact on increasing fertility, as well as decreasing it. This is the most basic method to counter problems conceiving a child. Caffeine has a strong link to lowering fertility and in a similar likeness, there are particular nutritional supplements necessary to nourish the reproductive system and aid increasing fertility. Eating a balance meal on its own is not sufficient, especially for those who have underlying difficulties conceiving.


Charting body basal temperature and monitoring variations in cervical mucus is the long standing verified method to increase chances of getting pregnant. This has no effect on increasing fertility, but it certainly allows you to identify when the woman is ovulating and so when intercourse can increase chances of getting pregnant.

Traditional chinese medicine

Strictly speaking, acupuncture plays no role in increasing fertility, but it helps increase chances of getting pregnant simply by restoring energy and blood flow to the body when a functional issue is the cause of infertility, such as when endometriosis, ovulatory problems or hormonal imbalances. However acupuncture is still not successful in dealing with structural infertility such as blocked fallopian tubes.

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