Incisions and sutures

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Incisions are an old Chinese technique whereby small cuts are made into the skin of the ear in order to “activate” the function of the point. This method is sometimes called auricular scratching or cutting therapy. The healing mechanism initiated by the incision is the same mechanism that stimulates the incised point. Sometimes herbal substances are implanted into the cut to confer the therapeutic properties of the herbs. This treatment method falls into the area of surgery. It is too drastic for most patients and conditions and is not legal for most acupuncturists to perform. (Consult the scope of practice that applies to your state.)

Low used a similar technique involving sutures for the management of withdrawal symptoms. With this technique, catgut, along with nylon thread and a steel bead, was implanted to stimulate the point. This method is somewhat radical and, likewise, would be construed as surgery. Chances of infection are increased with these invasive methods.

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