How Veterinary Doctors Use Canine Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is the treatment that can give desired healing effect along with no side effects. Canine acupuncture is one type of the veterinary acupuncture and used to treat dogs. In this treatment, needles are inserted into specific points of the body of canines to bring about the required healing effect. It is said that before humans were treated by using acupuncture, veterinary acupuncture was first implemented. It was first discovered by observing lame battle horses who recovered from certain wounds even when they were hit by arrows on different parts of their bodies. Acupuncture is used to facilitate fast recovery and strengthening of the immune system of our body.

Now day's dog owners believe more in acupuncture as it cures problems soon and effectively. Most of the people accept the therapeutic benefits of canine acupuncture for dog health. In the canine acupuncture treatments, small needles placed under the skin of dogs at the strategic points. This will help to improve the canine's health. Acupuncture is beneficial to the dogs in various ways who suffer from inability of being able to stay or sit for several minutes. Veterinary acupuncturist have shown that time required in the canine treatment is very less. This can be done in very short duration of time that may be from few second to hardly some minutes.

Canine acupuncture is helpful in healing small problems to any severe problem. Some of the particular treatments are given to the dogs who are suffering from weight control, depression, and gastrointestinal complications. These can be controlled in a single session. After completion of the acupuncture treatment, effect of the relaxation may last for several days of relaxation in the dogs. This is the first response to the treatment subsequent to this dog will give further responses. This will improve the activity level in the dogs within a few days.

Dogs suffering with illnesses like either physical or emotional need to be treated more than once or this treatment should always be on a weekly basis for about two to three months. Acupuncture is best treatment for problems like paralysis, various allergies and pains. Along with these treatments, acupuncture gives nice response to the musculoskeletal problems, respiratory problems, and skin problems. Acupuncture is also beneficial in reproductive and hormonal problems.

Therefore, today it is being used either by itself or in conjunction with other treatments. Acupuncture treatment helps to balance the essential energies of our bodies. When the needles are pricked inside, they stimulate the nerves and increase the blood circulation in the body.

While treating the dogs, they become little uncomfortable when needles are placed however, once inserted it is quite painless. During the treatment many of the canines becomes relaxed and may become drowsy. Number of needles and needling techniques are changed according to the patient's case history. Along with this, duration of the treatment also varies a lot. The minimum duration is of few seconds and maximum time needed is about thirty minutes. According to the treatment given to resolve the problem, number of sessions and timing varies. In most of the cases, six treatments are given in variation of fixed time intervals. Many of the cases may cure the canine within two sessions as well.

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