How to Grasp the Meridians

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1. Mastering the key points of the meridians and formation of the meridian system; the function and action of the meridians and clinical application; the course and flow, connection, running and rule of distribution of the meridians ; the names of three summary works in Chinese Acupuncture history, the ages of the authors.

2. Being familiar to distribution of Eight Extra Vessels, and difference and action of the regular meridians; the significance, characteristics of distribution and courses and action of fifteen collaterals, the twelve branch meridians, twelve tendon meridians, twelve cutaneous regions, the concepts, contents and application of biao-ben, gen-jie, qi pathway and four seas, brief history of Chinese acupuncture-moxibustion and the earliest special works of meridian science.

3. Understanding the formation and development of meridian theory conditions of Chinese acupuncture spreading over the world; acupuncture-moxibustion has been an integral part of world medicine, and remarkably effective to about 100 kinds of diseases and syndromes.


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