How the Acupuncture Practitioner Uses His Needles

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How the Acupuncture Practitioner Uses His Needles

How the Acupuncture Practitioner Uses His Needles

The major focus of an acupuncture treatment is to return the circulation of body energy to its normal levels. To do this, needles are used at points on the body indicated by the set of symptoms for the particular client. These symptoms may be physical, emotional, behavioral, and/or mental. Simply, a needle is inserted at a point in order to either stimulate or dissipate energy. Energy may be dissipated from a point if there is too much activity, which can be indicated by such symptoms as heat or anger. Energy may need to be stimulated by acupuncture if there is seems to be a depletion, as in the case of dizziness or depression.

The points at which needles are to be inserted are determined by an analysis of the client's symptoms, and the organs that are involved in those symptoms. Some change may be affected by simply using pressure on those points (a technique known as acupressure), but far superior results are obtained by being treated by an acupuncture practitioner. There are a number of techniques for using the needles, as well as several different types of needles that can be used. Many modern acupuncture practitioners use small, disposable needles. They can be inserted to different depths, depending on the symptom addressed. It is interesting to compare how the technique to stimulate energy is different than the technique to dissipate energy.

An acupuncture needle used to stimulate energy is sometimes more effective when warmed. The point where the needle is inserted should be massaged before insertion of the needle. Puncture superficially, and then slowly insert the needle to its correct depth slowly, and remove it slowly. The needle should be inserted as the patient exhales, and removed as the patient inhales. The different points should be punctured in the order of energy flow. The needles should remain in place for several minutes, up to ten minutes.

An acupuncture needle used to dissipate energy is rarely warmed, and is inserted and withdrawn rapidly. The needles on average are inserted more deeply than for energy stimulation. The different points should be punctured in the opposite order from the energy flow. The client should inhale as the needle is punctured, and exhale as it is withdrawn. The needle need only remain a few seconds in many cases. Comparing the two techniques, the technique to dissipate energy seems very similar to letting some air out of a balloon or other container: insert quickly and deeply. It is also interesting to note that the patient exhales as the needle is withdrawn, again releasing energy.

A good acupuncture practitioner never inflicts any pain. At most, there may be a slight feeling of a twinge upon the first insertion, but even that is not to be usual. A needle remaining in the skin is not felt at all as long as it is stationary, and most patients forget about them. There are a number of different kinds of needles, but the only noticeable difference to the client is the difference between a normal needle and a Japanese needle. A Japanese needle is generally thinner and is inside a guide tube, so it will look distinctly different. Needles can come in various widths, with acupuncture needles used for dissipating energy generally thicker than the needles used for energy stimulation. I hope this introduction has both intriguing and reassuring, enough for you to schedule a first trip to an acupuncture clinic.

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