How Acupressure Works

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Acupressure and acupuncture share the same active points (also called trigger points). The ancient Chinese developed system of active points stimulation over 5,000 years ago. The active points are located on imaginary lines called meridians. Accordingly, the points are referred to by the meridian they are located on and consecutive number of point on that meridian.

Commonly used meridian names and abbreviations

Meridian Names
Used In This
 Urinary Bladder  B  BL
 Conception Vessel (also Ren Meridian)  CV  RN
 Gall Bladder  GB  GB
 Governor Vessel (also Du Meridian)  GV  DU
 Heart  H  HT
 Kidney  K  K
 Large Intestine  Li  LI
 Liver  Liv  LR
 Lung  Lu
 Pericardium  P  PC
 Small Intestine  Si  SI
 Stomach  St  ST
 Spleen  Sp  SP
 Triplewarmer (also Sanjiao Meridian)  TW  SJ


The ancient Chinese believed that life energy chi (pronounced chee) flows through these meridians. In a healthy person the energy flow trough meridians is unobstructed. The blockade of chi flow results in an illness. The Chinese believed that active points stimulation clears the meridians and improves the flow of energy.

The western medical science only begins to understand the mechanisms responsible for positive effects of active points stimulation. Stimulation of active points is thought to lead to increased release of endorphins.Endorphin is a natural body painkiller. Endorphin and morphine are chemically different molecules but, by coincidence, they have very similar 3-dimensional shape. This similarity in shape allows morphine to bind the endorphin receptor, reduce pain, and induce feeling of happiness. Thus endorphin released by acupressure stimulation may lead to relaxation and normalization of body functions.


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