Holistic Treatment - Acupuncture Points In The Ear

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Quite amazingly the whole body and can be treated by applying pressure to acupuncture points in the ear.

The basis for this strange notion is the concept of the inverted foetus, and idea developed by Dr. Nogier about the acupuncture map of the ear. Due to the development of his thoughts and studies auricular acupuncture made its debut.

Ameliorates The Pain And Illness

Quite simply acupuncture points in the ear are shown to be able to reduce pain throughout the body by a reticular formulation through the parasympathetic nervous system.

Chinese acupuncture has long been used as the treatment for various conditions and diseases such as addiction, psychological disorders such as depression, pain control, obesity and a wide range of other chronic conditions.

Ear acupuncture, also known as auricular acupuncture, relies on the traditional approach to Chinese acupuncture. The ideas and principles behind the use of acupuncture points in the ear stretches way back in time yet the ideas are extremely applicable to modern acupuncture.

When an acupuncturist inserts needles into acupuncture points in the ear endorphins are released throughout the body. These chemicals and hormones produce a feel good factor and a sense of well being to the patient. Basically auricular acupuncture is extremely good for treating certain conditions.

There are approximately just over 200 acupuncture points in the ear and each of these points has its own name. And expert acupuncturist will know all of these points. The locations of these points will be well known to him. These acupuncture points in the ear are all related to different parts of the body.

When acupuncture needles inserted into these points a electrical impulses begin their passage towards the brain and then on to the relevant area of the patient's body. In this sense you can see that the ear operates something like a telephone switchboard. You stimulate one point in the ear and quite amazingly another part of the body is also stimulated.

So you needn't be surprised when you visit your acupuncturist complaining about pain in the ankle that he begins to insert acupuncture needles into acupuncture points in the ear. You will be pleasantly surprised when the pain in the ankle begins to subside even though that area has not been directly treated.

Surprisingly the ear lobe itself has its own particular set of acupuncture points that are stimulated in order to treat parts of the head, strode, tonsils, sinuses, throat and many other parts of the anatomy. Then concha of the ear is also used to treat major organs throughout the body in particular: lungs, heart, liver and other organs.

It is well known by the professionals and experts that the ear and the associated acupuncture points in the ear are perhaps the most potent acupuncture points in the body. In fact it is estimated that the chances of success are as high as 95% for successful treatment. In this means that acupuncture points in the ear are most worthy of mention.

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