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Horse-Nettle Scientific Names and Common Names,Horse-Nettle Biochemical Information,Uses,Warning,Where Found,Parts Usually Used,Horse-Nettle Description of Plant(s) and Culture,Medicinal Properties.

(Herbs Wiki) Horse-Nettle


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Scientific Names

Solanum carolinense L. Nightshade family

Common Names

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Parts Usually Used

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Description of Plant(s) and Culture

A weed of the nightshade family, with yellow prickles. Five parted flowers are violet to white stars; May to October. Fruits orange to yellow berries resembling tiny tomatoes are considered poisonous; August to September. Perennial; 1-4 feet tall. Stems sharp-spined. Leaves oval to elliptical; lobed to coarse-toothed.
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Where Found

Sandy soil. Old fields, farmlands, barnyards, waste places. New England to Florida; Texas to South Dakota.
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Medicinal Properties

Diuretic, antispasmodic.
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Once used in folk medicine:

Properly administered, berries were once used for epilepsy. Berries fried in grease were used as an ointment for dog's mange. Native Americans gargled wilted leaf tea for sore throats; poulticed leaves for poison-ivy rash; drank tea for worms.
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This herb is potentially fatal. Toxic. Fatalities reported in children. This herb should not be used without proper medical supervision.
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