(Herbs Knowledge) Yellow Jessamine

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Yellow Jessamine Scientific Names and Common Names,Yellow Jessamine Biochemical Information,Uses,Warning,Where Found,Parts Usually Used,Yellow Jessamine Description of Plant(s) and Culture,Medicinal Properties.

(Herbs Knowledge) Yellow Jessamine


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Scientific Names

Gelsemium sempervirens L. Gelsemium elegans Logania family

Common Names

Kou-wen (Chinese name)
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Parts Usually Used

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Description of Plant(s) and Culture

Twining, tangling, evergreen shrub. Leaves shiny, lance-shaped to oval. Flowers yellow, shaped like an open trumpet with 5 rounded petal lobes that are notched at the end; sweetly fragrant; February to June.
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Where Found

Found in dry or wet woods, thickets. Virginia to Florida; Texas to Arkansas.
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Root preparations were once used as a powerful central nervous system depressant, deadening pain, reducing spasms. Externally, a folk cancer remedy.
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Deadly poison. Eating a single flower has resulted in death. Can also cause contact dermatitis. Never use this herb without proper medical supervision.
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