Heat-introducing Technique of Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Heat-introducing Technique of Cosmetic Acupuncture,This technique is the inverse of the dispersing heat technique. The yang is introduced from the exterior into the interior at three levels of depth. Again, this can be used on any point in the body, as the technique gives a clear message as to what should be achieved.
The technique
Insert needle at the point and manipulate to achieve needle sensation. Then thrust the needle deeper in three movements (the total depth is decided by the thickness of muscle and fat in the corresponding area), and lift it to superficial level (not out of the skin) with one motion. Repeat this circle of movement nine times or more in nine sets ( Figure 5.7 ). This should create a warm flow in the area of the needling. This technique is especially useful for those patients who cannot tolerate the smell of moxa.
This technique tonifies the yang of the area, meridian or organ – depending on the chosen point. For example:
~Using the heat-introducing method on the Mu-front or Back-Shu points will create more yang in the organ.

~Using it on the tonification point or fire point of a meridian would cause heat in the organ and meridian.

~Using the technique on a non-specific acupuncture point of an energy-balancing nature will only warm the area.

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