Healing Dna With Light, Sound And Acupuncture

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Alternative medicine is entering a new era of human health and wellness. Our healing can be achieved through restoration of our DNA\'s ability to send and receive information with electromagnetic waves. This new form of healing will be achieved when proper resonance restored on a cellular basis through the combination of light (laser and color light therapy), sound, correct frequency, emotional healing, and pulsed energy field. A new energy field is created in this manner to replace or restore the damaged field.


DNA and chromosomal function receives information and is altered by sound and light. Dr. Leonard Horowitz of Harvard University won three Nobel laureates in medicine and proved that the primary function of DNA lies in the realm of bioacoustic and bioelectric signaling. Dr. Horowitz showed that DNA emits and receives photons or electromagnetic waves of sound and light. There is recent development in the field of DNA and Brain music. Music will be used as an integral element of improving DNA.


In an environment of violent sound, such as a war or emergency situation, sound can negatively program the DNA and damage it. This damage can be corrected or reprogrammed when the optimal cellular resonance is restored. Classical or new age music is a great way to enhance your DNA’s ability to receive and transmit information and enhance your torsion field. It is important to use many different types of music to allow the DNA a full range of adaptability of information receipt and transmission.There are many other ways to enhance the torsion field in our body like sunlight, negatively charged fresh air, clean water, natural medicines, and healthy foods.


Another way to improve and repair DNA on a cellular level is acupuncture. Acupuncture can be used on the pericardium and heart meridians to activate the thymus gland and improve immune function. This can be very useful in treating autoimmune diseases. Increased the energy in these meridians can activate higher frequencies. Higher frequencies lead to lower cellular oxidation rates and less cellular aging. Acupuncture on the Du and Ren meridians can raise frequencies, increase hormone levels, and slow aging. Acupuncture can also be used to alter the electron spin and form of  the torsion wave. Using acupuncture in this manner will alter the cellular aging rate and slow free radical production by changing the electron spin rate and direction of spin. This action will change the form rather than the motion of the torsion field.

The electromagnetic energy field and resonance must be enhanced to heal the brain. There must be optimal brain function in order for the long term health of a person to be sustained. Undifferentiated cells choose their path of differentiation through the DNA’s ability to transmit information. When the DNA’c ability to receive or transmit information is altered through a damaged electromagnetic field,  the resonance and torsion wave are changed and cell differentiation is altered. This can result in the creation of tumors and cancer.

Russian research by Gariaev showed that chromosomes function similar to programmable holographic biocomputers employing DNA\'s own electromagnetic radiation. Their research shows that DNA is genetic script that allows chromosomes to produce and receive information contained in these scripts in order to encode and decode them Chromosomes assemble themselves into a holographic lattice designed to generate and interpret highly stable spiral standing waves of sound and light that govern most biological functions. The Gariaev team modulated certain linguistic frequencies onto a laser. With these language-modulated codes translated into radio and light waves, they repaired damaged chromosomes, regrew endocrine glands, stimulated regrowth of new adult teeth, and successfully altered genetic expression.  Dr. Yu Dzang Kangeng also used torsion energy to map DNA sequences between organisms and produced similar results. Using radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies to rewrite DNA, Gariaev’s team literally transformed frog embryos into healthy salamander embryos in the laboratory. They literally altered species development.


Can this technique be used in the future to produce new brains for those severely damaged by trauma or drug addiction? Other technology will allow DNA to be enhanced to enhanced, and brains currently are destroyed by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s diseases will treated with this healing therapy to improve torsion field and resonance and prevent or slow these diseases.


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