Gynecological problems - Climacteric disorder and dysmenorrhea Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

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M. L. Wang27 observed that “for the treatment of symptoms of climacteric syndrome, marked-to-good improvement was obtained in 37 out of 42 cases when the type of disorder was properly differentiated. The primary points used were Kidney, Internal Genitalia, Subcortex, and Endocrine. For Kidney Yin Deficiency with Liver Yang Rising, Lung, Liver, and Spleen were added.

For Kidney Yin Deficiency with disharmony of the Heart and Kidney, Liver, Heart, and Shenmen were used. For Kidney Yin and Yang deficiency with Spleen weakness, the Spleen and Small Intestine points were included. If hypertension presented, the Hypertension groove and Liver points were added. Pellets were retained in the ear for 3 days. Six sessions constituted a course of treatment and three courses were the average treatment time.”

D. Lewers et al.28 study on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea resulted in an average pain relief of at least 50% immediately posttreatment using TENS electrostimulation. The study also suggested that auriculotherapy via acupressure may relieve the same pain.

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