Free Radicals Plus Anti-Oxidants Equals Anti Aging

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People work hard all day and even juggle two or more jobs to earn and save up for the future. Let's face it - people are afraid to get old, of aging. Most people will save for an insurance plan that pays for a retirement home before some degenerative disease kicks in and drains all their savings. Other people invest in cosmetic surgeries and beauty products to hide the signs of aging: fine wrinkles, gray hair that eventually turns to white, hair loss and loss of underlying fats that causes sagging of skin. Do people really need to fight the battle of aging this way? What if we could age healthily and proudly claim that age is but a number?

Aging is caused by free radicals in our body. Oxygen stripped of an electron is somewhat of a poison inside the body. Every time the body uses oxygen in metabolism, free radicals are formed. These free radicals are by products of metabolism that are highly reactive. It lacks one electron, making it reactive to other substances in our body such as protein, carbohydrates and fats, hence the term free. When these free radicals react with other substances, it affects how the cell functions and at times can ultimately lead to the death of the cell.

Antioxidants and aging are connected to each other. The body's mechanisms to fight free radicals are called anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants can safely react with free radicals in the body. Some examples of free radical fighters can be found in fruits and vegetables such as vitamins C and E, lycopene, and carotenoids, more popularly known as beta-carotene. These anti-oxidants including carnosine, are naturally present inside the body but decrease over time as people age.
LifeWave, a new health company has found a solution to combat aging and antioxidant's decrease in production. They have developed a patch that like acupuncture sends bioelectrical signals into the body to boost the antioxidant levels.

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