Facial Acupuncture- The New Fountain Of Youth?

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Whether the "fountain of youth" is mythical or for real, it remains a fact that it is an inherent characteristic of man to seek ways to stay young for long, which explains the handful of anti-aging procedures now available anywhere, from retail cosmetics to major cosmetic surgery.

Now, don't be surprised if one day you will find cosmetic acupuncture service in your favorite spa salon. Yes, you read it right, Cosmetic Acupuncture, otherwise known as Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is now slowly gaining ground in spa services.

While it seems to be a new-found procedure bringing you closer to the fountain of youth, ancient journals on acupuncture have nevertheless mentioned that acupuncture had been used for cosmetic purposes.

Since acupuncture has been known as a traditional Chinese medicine that has a holistic approach, cosmetic acupuncture therefore goes beyond treating your eye bags and wrinkles, it is in fact a whole-body treatment that does not only enhance your physical attributes but also revitalizes your overall wellbeing and gives you that certain glow.

The effectiveness of cosmetic acupuncture on improving skin-related conditions had been documented in clinical reports and is no longer a mere hearsay but a fact.

Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the facial features of a person reflect organic strengths, and once the internal organs are rejuvenated through acupuncture, the physical appearance mirrors the improvement within.

Aside from the holistic approach, the cosmetic acupuncturist may be expected to insert the needles into the wrinkled area, to muscle points or to acupuncture points associated with the face muscles.

Meanwhile, a few have already considered facial acupuncture as an alternative treatment to cosmetic medications such as Botox, but stopped short of saying cosmetic acupuncture is a total replacement to facelift procedures.

Acupuncturist Beata Maslanka said cosmetic acupuncture stimulates energy and induces proper circulation that eventually supplies blood and nutrients to the face that results in rejuvenation.

Maslanka said that people who have had cosmetic acupuncture treatments have noticed the gradual lessening of wrinkles and age spots and other discolorations seemed to have faded away.

Maslanka, however, admitted that the effects of cosmetic acupuncture are not as drastic as any major cosmetic surgery or procedures such as Botox and other facial fillers. But because of its holistic approach, not only does a patient of cosmetic acupuncture notice skin improvements but also feels younger within. The acupuncture process helps the body recuperate naturally by correcting imbalances in the body, which then makes cosmetic acupuncture a two-fold rejuvenating process. Now, it's close to saying you are younger inside and out.

Also unlike conventional cosmetic treatments, cosmetic acupuncture treatments are way cheaper. Facial acupuncture treatments at the "Art of Wellness" for instance only cost around $90 to $135 per session, while Botox would normally costs around $300 to $400 dollars.

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