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The development of acupuncture, along with many branches of Chinese medicine, originated in China many centuries ago. Acupuncture is known by the name Zhue Jiao in China and translates as "needle heat". The needle regulates "Qi", an inner force that is responsible for the health of the body. With acupuncture controlling Qi energy the health of a person can be improved by the release of stress. Qi energy flows freely in distinct corridors of the body and hindrance to this flow will result in symptoms indicating illness or disease. Waste formulation is removed by the free flowing energy that delivers everything that the cells need. An improvement in the physical and emotional health results from this. If Qi is blocked at any point symptoms will appear indicating illness.

The needles are placed in such a way as to return the flow of energy to normal. The number of treatments required will be determined by this analysis and will depend on any symptoms in evidence. Regular visits to an acupuncture clinic are seen as a way of maintaining optimum health in China. Patients in many places in China only pay their acupuncture practitioner if they maintain good health.

The common belief is that acupuncture is all about needles, but other techniques are also used including burning, herbs and electric stimulation. The instruments used are different with traditional practitioners utilising solid needles as opposed to the hollow tube needles employed by western doctors. Certified practitioners of acupuncture in the Western world use pre-sterilized, disposable needles. It is normal for no medicine to be used on the needles as the needle itself controls the Qi energy. The patients needs signal whether the needles are manipulated or introduced at a particular angle.

To sustain the fullest of health regular appointments at your acupuncture clinic is beneficial. Your emotional or physical health will determine the number of consultations required to restore your body to optimum welfare. Several needles maybe inserted during each visit, but at different points for subsequent visits. Different locations for the needle insertions maybe selected as the condition improves, affecting a change in Qi flow to hasten the recovery to good health. The depth of needle insertion is dependant on the course of treatment necessary and can be up to a depth of three inches or just below the surface of the skin. It is usually pain free as the needles are inserted. An occasional pinching sensation is sometimes felt as the needles are inserted. After insertion the needle can easily be forgotten.

Most clients report a relaxed and warm sensation at he needle insertion point, which is indicative of the Qi energy being directed in the correct way.

One of the most beneficial ways to improve or sustain good health is with acupuncture. Considering acupuncture as a health option is becoming more popular in the western world. Largely, conventional western medicine is starting to understand the gains of this ancient practise.

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