Energy Enhancement and Relationships of the Negative Emotions to Energy Blockages and Acupuncture.

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Acupuncture is a healing modality which has been used for 4000 years.

The Energy Channels of the body have been mapped for that time and scientifically, the points on the meridians have a much higher electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue. As yet, science has not been able to explain this but scientifically, empirically, the evidence exists!!

Acupuncture explains that health problems start with what are called energy blockages. These Energy Blockages exist at least 6 months before there is any disease!!

The Theory of Acupuncture Diagnosis, Five Element Traditional Chinese Medicine, says that each Energy Meridian in the human body corresponds to one of the 5 Elements, and each Energy Blockage also creates a Negative Emotion corresponding to the Element of the Meridian.

If you look at the 5 Elements in the diagram of the Shen and Ko (Kundalini) cycle, a circular diagram, you will see that the table below joins up, top and bottom.

Remove the Energy Blockages with advanced techniques of Meditation and slowly even more of the selfish, competitive ego is removed releasing all the incredible potential of a normal human being, as the last blockage goes, enlightenment itself is sure to follow.

Finally, the Ancient Acupuncture Treatment to remove "The Seven Dragons and the Seven Internal Demons", which you can receive from any practitioner of Traditional Acupuncture, is a wonderful treatment to get rid of the simplest of the Energy Blockages, but Advanced Meditational Techniques are really needed to remove those blockages which are deeper and more intense.

If you have an energy blockage on one of the energy meridians of the body, you will have a negative emotion whose intensity depends on the density of the energy blockage.

The Five Elements, Negative Emotion caused by the Energy Blockage

1. Wood meridians, Irritation and Anger
2. Fire Meridians, Manic
3. Earth Meridians, Needing to give Sympathy and Attention to support ego or Constantly Seeking Sympathy and Attention
4. Metal or Air Meridians, Depression and Sadness
5. Water Meridians, Fear

Bipolar disorders like Manic Depression are caused by blockages which move within the body from meridian to meridian. They move from meridian to meridian using the Kundalini Cycle or Ko Cycle of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As the Energy Blockage is removed, so the negative emotion goes.

As negative emotion disappears so Emotional Intelligence grows.

As negative emotion is healed, so the positive emotions of Love and Will and the Power of Doing, of getting things done increase.

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