Electrical Stimulation of Needles in Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Electrical Stimulation of Needles in Cosmetic Acupuncture , Electrical needle stimulation is a newer addition to the established method from the 1960s. Its main use, in my opinion, is to reduce labour for the therapist. How so?
Manual stimulation of needles (a) is more painful for the patient and (b) requires the therapist to stay by the side of the patient as long as the

Fig 5.17 Fan-like-cupping massage from hair line to scapula

Fig 5.17 Fan-like-cupping massage from hair line to scapula

Fig 5.18 (A, B) Cupping massage (moving cup)

Fig 5.18 (A, B) Cupping massage (moving cup)

treatment is administered. If this manual manipulation is required for a longer time period, it is time-consuming and exhausting for the therapist. Moreover, if this has to be done on more than two points at a time, then the therapist would need more hands! For these reasons, it is so much simpler to have a machine to do this for you ( Figure 5.19 ).
Electrical stimulation of needles can be used for achieving different results. In dermatology and cosmetic acupuncture, it is mainly used for cooling the skin, and for toning the muscles.

The technique for cooling the skin

Needles should be inserted above and below the areas where the skin is inflamed or hot. Needle handles should be connected to the clips of the same outlet in the electrical stimulator, and a continuous frequency of 5–10Hz administered for 20 minutes.

Fig 5.19 Electrical stimulation to disperse inflammation and itching

Fig 5.19 Electrical stimulation to disperse inflammation and itching

For example:
~ Sp 10 and Sp 9 for interior leg.
~ LI 11 and Lu 6 for arms.
~ UB 12 and UB 17 for upper back
~ UB 37 and UB 40 for upper leg.
~ GB 30 and GB 31 for lateral leg.
~ H 2 and SI 7 for inner arms.

A very young-looking female patient (aged 62) came to me complaining of pains in both feet and coccyx for many years. Within the last 3 weeks she had developed a skin condition which was diagnosed as an urticaria. It started at the medial sides of both legs around the knees, and was now ascending to the inner thighs and to the fronts of her legs. When I saw her, the most recent areas were near point Sp 13 at the inguinal area. The patches were purplish, swollen and itchy and became a thick dry rash after a few days. The patient felt the clothes rubbed on the skin and this created pain and some fluid to ooze.
I felt she had some blood stagnation with heat, and treated her with points St 40 and GB 37 for the stagnation; and points Sp 10 and Sp 9 on both legs with electrical stimulation for the heat. She had only one treatment. Her symptoms subsided graduallywithin four days of the treatment.
Electrical stimulation of needles is contraindicated for patients with a fitted pacemaker. Also, when attaching the clips from the electrical stimulator to the needle handles, it is important to keep the two clips from the same outlet to the same side of the body, and not cross sides, unless there is a special reason for doing so.

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