Effect on Gastric Motility and Peptides Treated with Electric acupuncture on the points of Foot-Yangming Channel in Rats

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Our former work proved that the change of antral surface area, gastric pylorus pressure and gastric emptying were related to the process treated with Electro-acupuncture (EA) on some points along Foot-Yangming Channel (FYMC) to a certain extent. In order to clarify the substantial elements in the relationship between stomach and Foot-Yangming Channel, we investigated the change of gastric pressure waves (GPW), gastric mucous blood flow (GMDF) treated by acupuncture on Sibai, Tiansu, Zusanli point of Foot- Yangming Channel. At the same time the content of substance P (SP) and Motilin (MTL) in antrum and bulb were measured by radioimmunossary.

Materials and Methods: 59 SD rats were divided into six groups: group A: normal control rats; group B: rats with gastric mucous damage (GMD); group C: EA on Sibai point +GMD; group D: EA on Tiansu+GMD; group E: EA on Zusanli point +GMD; group F: EA on control non-point + GMD. The GMD model of rat was induced with infusing 0.4ml pure Alcohol into gastric cavity Before and after GMD and EA the change rate of amplitude of GPW and gastric mucous blood flow (GMBF) were measured. The contents of SP and MTL in the gastric antrum and bulb were analyzed at the end of experiment.

Results: The change rate of amplitude of GPW in group A had not varied during the period of experiment. At the fortieth minute after GMD, the change rate of GPW was 0.58±0.95 in group B. Those in group C, D, E were 0. 19±0..35, 0.11±0.16, 0.20±0.03 separately. The change rate of GPW in group C, D, E were much higher than that in group B (p<0.05). But that in group F was -0.34±0.21, no difference as compared with group B. The values of GMBF of all six groups were 1.03±0.25 (A), 0.52±0.l6 (B), 0.89±0.21 (C), 0.69±0.16 (D), 1.03±0.13 (E),0.67±0.28 (F) (ml/l00g of tissue ) separately. The values of GMBF in group A, C, E were much higher than that in group B and F (P<0.05). These results suggested that the restoration of the gastric pressure wave and GMBF might be probably relating to treat with EA on the points of Foot --Yangming Channel. The levels of SP in antrum of all groups (A-F) were 221.14±126.91, 95.95±57.58, 120.14±3.30, 202.28±49.37, 184.02±179.27. 100.05±23.06. (pg./mg WW) separately. The levels in group A, C, D, E were much higher than that in group B (p<0.05). But the levels of SP in the bulb of group B was higher than those in group A, C, D, E separately. The levels of MTL in the bulb of group B (310.41±113.78) was lower than that in group A (338.4±62.28) (Pg./mg WW), but those in group C,D (374.21±90.02 and 369.20±134.51) (pg./mg WW) were higher than those in group B. The above results showed that after GMD gastric motility was diminished. The values of GMBF decreased, simultaneously the content of SP in antrum, MTL in bulb was decreased too. Treated with EA on points of FYMC the content of SP and MTL in test group restored to normal level and the gastric motility as well. It is suggested that SP and MTL in the antrum and bulb may play a certain role in regulation gastric activity by acupuncture on the points of Foot-Yangming Channel. The peptides may be the substantial elements that associating stomach with Foot Yangming Channel.
By Yi Shouxiang, Lin Yaping, Yan Jie, Chang Xiaorong & YangYu
Hunan College of TCM, Changsha 4l0007, China.

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